Creativity & Chubby Cheeks

Hi there, I’m Hannah. And you’re here.

If you’ve ever thought…

Where has my creative juju gone? Why do my doodles lack luster? How the heck did they draw that?

…then you’re in the right place!!

My aim is to inspire you to let your creativity flourish and to bring that creativity into every nook and cranny of your day. But how do we do this? Let’s start small and work our way up.

But first, let me introduce myself.

Born in the backwoods of Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley, I spent my childhood days hopping on hay bales, chasing soccer balls, reading library books on the porch swing and filling an endless amount of notebooks with drawings. As a kid, I never imagined a day where I’d actually have to ask, “What should I draw?” Nowadays I spend my time sitting behind Mac screens in college design classes, getting grades pasted to my zany ideas, doodling mindlessly around art history notes and to-do lists and wondering why my portfolio seems to be shrinking rather than growing. I often feel creatively drained.

So what has happened to the little chubby-cheeked Hannah who wouldn’t set down a pencil in fear of a single eccentric thought flitting away unnoticed? Why has my creative mojo gone on vacation while I must stay and work late into the night to meet deadlines?

From one frustrated creative junkie to the next, I say we figure this out together. As we dive into the huge, exciting (and a little bit frightening) world of creatvity, I hope to lead you towards a less creatively-frustrating life and to share my curious, colorful corner of the world with you along the way.


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